Slingshot Vampire

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Halloween is coming and has prepared for you a host of games that will get you in the mood for the spookiest night of the year. In Slingshot Vampire you play as a monster who is trying to navigate through a vast castle, in the hopes of escaping the creeping light. The villagers from the town have formed a militia and are trying to get rid of you, so their strategy was to let the deadly (for vampires) sunlight get through your barricades and eliminate you once and for all.

Now, you are on an intense run to get out of the light's way, and to do that you have to jump from one stake in the wall to the next. Unfortunately, the defenses you set up in your castle to protect you from any intruders are working against you, as instead of keeping your foes out, they are making your ascent much more difficult, as you keep trying to avoid these dangers. So, in addition to the constant threat of the creeping light from outside, you have to contend with all sorts of other traps: from arrows, bouncing circles that propel you in all sorts of directions if you collide them, spinning saws and all sorts of other such dangerous elements.

Scattered around the environment are coins that you can collect and then use to change the character you play as. And besides these gold coins, you can also gain special items that can give you an edge and aid in your survival, like a protective shield or an item that slings you far up, ignoring any obstacles in the way.

The graphics in Slingshot Vampire really lend the game a spooky atmosphere, but also are carefully crafted in such a way that they don't give them game a horror feeling. It's still a great choice for a Halloween game, and the vampires and spooky environment really get you in the mood for this special day in the year.

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How to play

Click on the screen using the left mouse button in order to begin pulling the slingshot cord, which will launch your character into the air. Move your mouse around to select the desired angle and release to fly in that direction. If you are using a mobile device, tap the screen to begin the launch procedure and, while still holding the finger on the screen, move your finger around to select the angle.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices