Roller Baller

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In Roller Baller your balance and maneuvering skills will be put to a great test, and while navigating through the numerous levels you will have to get used to control the rolling ball with micro movements. The platforms you are on leave no room for error, and if you want to get to the end of the level you need to be very careful, because one small mistake means that you have to restart the level. And with all sorts of devious traps present throughout the game, you not only need to have some fast fingers, you also have to adapt and learn how to best deal with the dangers all these obstacles bring.

Like the name suggests, you control a rolling ball, so the type of movement you can achieve is what you would expect: you can roll either to the left, right, forwards or backwards, as well as jump. And you will have to master these movements, especially in the later levels, where all sorts of different traps come in your way. So you need to intuitively know the distance your jumps make, as well as how much you move when you want to change or maintain your direction. In some levels you have to react very quickly to the hazards that Roller Baller throws at you, so definitely you need to be bold and take decisive action, besides having a quick reaction speed. When huge blocks threaten to throw you into the void, taking too long to move forward will most likely mean that you will just fall and have to restart the level.

Not only does Roller Baller get more and more creative with the level configuration and the dangers that it throws at you, another trick that it employs is the fact that it combines these challenges. So in addition to dodging moving blocks, you also have to jump at the right time and with the correct speed, if you want to advance and see what the next level brings.

With lots of interesting levels to complete, brings to you another great game to test your skills when you play Roller Baller.

How to play

Roller Baller can only be played on a PC, using a keyboard. You can use the arrow keys or WASD to move left, right, forwards or backwards, and use the Space key to jump.

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This game can be played only on PC