Freehead Skate

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Freehead Skate is definitely a game where you don't have to lose your head. Of course, in the sense that you have to be focused when you play, because the unique gameplay mechanic of Freehead Skate is that you have to detach your head from the body of the skater character you control in order to not get hit by the platforms that appear in front of you. No, in Freehead Skate the character can't duck, so you'll have to either jump with your whole body, or just jump with your head to avoid the imminent danger. And because you are riding a skateboard, the time to react to the environment is not as generous as you would think, so you have to quickly decide which type of jump you have to make.

In addition to the fact that you have no control over the speed that you have, in some levels you have to quickly chain multiple types of jumps in quick succession. That's where you see the real challenge of the game. When you manage to jump with your whole body, and then just with your head and find the correct rhythm to survive the level, you can say that you mastered Freehead Skate.

Besides the interesting rules that you have learn, another thing that will surprise you when you play Freehead Skate on is how each level throws new challenges. Some of the layouts are pretty easy to navigate through, but others are deceptively tricky, and you really have to be careful with how you plan your route, if you want to reach the finish line in one piece.

Hop on your skateboard and master the art of jumping when you play Freehead Skate on

How to play

Freehead Skate can only be played with a keyboard. Press the A key to jump with your whole body, or press the S key to detach the head from the body.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices