Cut For Cat

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Cut For Cat requires you to feed the candy to your cat. You can do that simply via cutting the ropes that are connected to it. The thing is, your cat has to be underneath the candy when it drops, otherwise you lose.

There are dozens of cool levels to go through, and each one has its fair share of challenges. The goal is always the same, to ensure that the candy falls to your cat, which is right under the candy. As you play, you need to strategize and find the right way to solve every puzzle. Since no two puzzles are the same, you will find yourself impressed with the gameplay and the numerous opportunities. Which is great, because Cut For Cat is a game that always keeps you on your toes, trying to find the right answer. It might be hard to do, but it’s totally something that will enhance the way you play.

Cut For Cat is a great game for anyone that loves engaging, interesting and challenging puzzle games. With this game you always get to find a challenge that you need to fulfill. And thanks to its cute graphics, you will always want to cheer for the cute cat and feed it that candy. You can play Cut For Cat right now at!

How to play

Press and hold the left mouse button if you are using a PC or tap and hold your finger on the screen if you are playing from a mobile device to swipe over the yarn string and cut it.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices