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Arrower is an exciting game where your focus is to use arrows in order to destroy enemies. That’s not going to be easy since there are always challenges you need to face. Every new level comes with its own fair share of distinctive challenges that you need to face. That alone makes it incredibly rewarding and fun. Each time you play Arrower you will be amazed with the quality and exciting ideas brought to the table.

In Arrower you have 2 chapters, each one with multiple levels to play through. That’s why it’s a great game to check it out, because it offers a very engaging experience, while offering something creative and innovative. That alone is something that will help push the limits in a very good manner all the time.

What you will like about Arrower is that the game is very interesting to go through and it continues to stand out as one of the top tier experiences out there when it comes to archery. The fact that you can test out a variety of unique challenges is amazing, and you will be amazed with the fun gameplay and exciting ideas brought into the mix. You can play Arrower right now on

How to play

Select the yellow arrow, either by using the left mouse button if you are using a PC or tap them if you are on a mobile device, to guide them towards the yellow box. The arrow will move in the direction it is pointing (up, left, right or down). Along the way, you can also use different special boxes to help the arrows to find the right path, like changing the direction they are pointing towards or by acting as a wall to block their path.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices