Halloween Memory

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If you want to practice your memory abilities and you love Halloween, then Girlgames.com is the place to be, because here you can play Halloween Memory, a game where your concentration abilities will ensure victory.

Each round in Halloween Memory begins with a number of cards that are placed face down in the table. You can click on a card and see what's under it, but be mindful that only one card can be revealed at any given time. After you have seen what card is where, do your best to remember its position, because you have to match cards of the same type. If you manage to correctly reveal two cards of the same type, these cards get removed from the deck, and you get one step closer to going to the next level. And one thing's for sure, with graphics as beautiful as the ones from Halloween Memory you can't wait to see what's under each card, and find a cute representation of a witch or some sort of monster.

Test your memory with the help of some friendly Halloween characters when you play Halloween Memory on Girlgames.com.

How to play

Select, either by using your mouse or by tapping on the screen, the cards that are placed on the table in order to see what card they are. Match two cards of the same type to remove them from the screen.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices