Guess Word

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Word games are always great fun, because you can learn while you are playing, and who doesn't like that? With Guess Word keeps you guessing until the end of the round, and the fun rules will keep you coming back and see how good your vocabulary truly is. And if at first you might be struggling, after some rounds of Guess Word you will surely see some improvement and learn to appreciate how fun learning can be.

In Guess Word you have to, like the title suggests, guess a word. This word can be either a four letter word, a five letter word, or a six letter word. What you must do is to write any word that fits this word count requirement, and after you type the word you will see that some of the tiles on the board where that letter sits might get highlighted. If the highlight is green that means that the letter from the word that you have to guess should stay in that position, and if the highlight is yellow that means that the word contains that letter, but it's not in that particular spot. You only get six chances to find that word, and each time you press Enter you hope that you at least find another letter, or its proper spot in the final word.

Of course, there is a Hint system that you can use if you ever get stuck, and in the beginning you might use it, but the more you play, the better your skills become, and you will use this system fewer and fewer times. What's more, you will surely learn lots of new words along the way.

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How to play

Guess Word can be played either on a PC or a mobile device. Use the keyboard to type the letters or press the mouse on the virtual keys from the screen if you are using a PC, or tap the virtual keyboard if you are playing on a mobile device.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices