Pirate Bartender Captain's Grog

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Welcome aboard Pirate Bartender Captain's Grog! Prepare to set sail on a rollicking adventure as the ultimate pirate bartender on Girlgames.com. Get ready to mix drinks fit for a captain and unleash the laughter of the rowdiest crew on the high seas! In this hilarious game, your goal is to concoct the perfect grog by following the pirate's orders and mixing the ingredients in the right order. Master the art of mixology, and watch as even the fiercest pirate captains raise their mugs in approval!

But beware! A single misstep in your mixing can lead to calamity. Mix the ingredients in the wrong order, and you'll face outrageous mishaps like being snatched by a kraken's tentacle or even meeting a watery demise. Keep your spirits high, for even in misfortune, laughter be the best remedy! Successful mixing brings treasures aplenty! Earn shiny gold coins to fill your pirate treasure or reclaim your loyal parrot companion. The rewards befit a true buccaneer, fueling your quest for grog-making glory! Embark on this rib-tickling adventure and let the humorous side of pirate life shine as you create a tavern that attracts the funniest and fiercest crew on the seven seas!

The key to success lies in your keen eye and careful observation of the unique designs adorning each bottle. In this game, you'll encounter a range of bottles, each adorned with distinct symbols and patterns. Through trial and error, you must decipher the clues hidden within their designs to uncover the perfect drink combinations. Mixing drinks is an art that requires your wit and intuition to create extraordinary concoctions fit for the pirate realm! Be warned, not every mixture will be a triumph. Along the way, you may stumble upon peculiar and even disastrous concoctions. But fear not, for even failure brings laughter in this whimsical world of pirate mixology! With each attempt, you gather knowledge and refine your skills.

Prepare to shake, stir, and sail your way through an uproarious mixology journey. Pirate Bartender Captain's Grog on Girlgames.com guarantees laughter, high spirits, and a legendary grog-making experience. So, hoist the anchor, and let the mixing madness begin! Set forth on this extraordinary adventure and raise your glasses to endless possibilities and barrels of laughter in your quest for the perfect pirate grog in Pirate Bartender Captain's Grog.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to select the bottles from the shelf, and press the left mouse button on either of the three buttons located at the bottom of the screen to Shake, add Ice or serve the drink. If you are playing from a mobile device, tap on these elements instead.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices