Papa's Pastaria

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If you love pasta and want to replay a classic Flash game, then has an exciting game for you: join Papa in his desire to have the best pasta restaurant in town and play Papa's Pastaria on After a short break, all sorts of Flash games are once again playable directly from your browser, due to powerful emulators like Ruffle, and is doing its best to bring you as many of these games as possible, so that you can enjoy them once more.

Papa's Pastaria is a game that has brought people countless hours of fun, and now you can get to play it and see all for yourself how fun managing a pasta place can be, when you step in the shoes of a newly-hired employee in Papa's Pastaria. Like all the other Papa games (which you can also play on, in Papa's Pastaria you have multiple tasks that you have to manage, especially if you want to keep your customers happy. And keeping your customers happy not only means that you can get bigger tips and have more money at the end of your shift, but they can also let you play a special mini game at the end of the day. In Papa's Pastaria, seeing as how pasta is originally from Italy, has a minigame that instantly makes you think of Italy, and in Foodini's minigame from Papa's Pastaria you take control of a gondola, and you have to collect pasta along the canal, all while avoiding the meatballs that are in your path. If you collect all the pasta, you get a cool trinket to decorate your eatery. A bit of customization can make your place feel like it's your own unique pasta restaurant.

Actually making the delicious pasta involves multiple steps, and first you have to select the correct type of pasta, season it with what the customer asks, all while taking into account the timings and stirrings that are required to achieve the perfect dish. Make sure to add the loaf of bread at the end, and voila! Each customer has their own preferences, so be sure to take these into account when you prepare their food. Also, speed is a factor, especially once you get more and more customers to your place. And while the days pass, news of your pasta-making skills are known to everyone, so you can expect lots more people checking your place out. And new customers also means that you need to learn new recipes and learn to deal with new ingredients, so while things can get more difficult as you progress in Papa's Pastaria, they also keep things fresh.

Play a fun management game once again on, thanks to Ruffle and emulation, and take the apron once more when you play Papa's Pastaria.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to select the elements of the game and interact with the different cooking stations.

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This game can be played only on PC