Clash Of Armour

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See what decisions a general has to take when you play Clash Of Armour on and train your strategic mind to find the best way to conquer the enemy base. To efficiently manage your army you have to decide which units you want to deploy so that their unique strengths and weaknesses complement each other, or sooner or later you will learn that you can't win a battle by only sending one type of unit into the war.

But don't think that you have too much time to think on the ruthless battlefield from Clash Of Armour, because the battles will get very intense very soon, and if you take too long to form your strategy your enemy will overwhelm you. Soon you'll find when is the right time to deploy a unit into battle, even if that unit might not be ideal against the composition of your opponent's army, or just wait a bit more time until you get enough resources to get a unit more suitable for the current situation.

Play Clash Of Armour on and try to find the winning strategy.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices