Basketball Games for Girls

  • Shop N Dress: Flower Dress
    Shoot some hoops to earn money and buy of the coolest flower dresses.
    • Basketball
    • Fashion
  • Dunkaroos
    Dunk is taking part in a Slam Dunk competition! Help him make it through all five levels: High school, College, Semi-Pro, Pro and All-Star. First, you build up speed for the big leap. Once you are ready, you take to...
    • Basketball
  • DJ and Chowder in H.O.U.S.E.
    You are playing as DJ. You get to shoot first. Select an arrow on the court to start. If you make the shot, chowder has to hit a shot from the same position. If he makes it, it's a draw, and you start again. If he...
    • Basketball
  • Groovy Hoops
    Far out, man! In the 70's, even basketballs had groovy colors!
    • Basketball
  • Ultimate Mega Hoops
    The objective of the player is to shoot the basketball as many as you can. This game has 10 levels and every level the movement of the basket will become faster and faster.
    • Basketball
  • Dance Dunk-off
    Match your moves to the flashing icons when they turn green.
    • Basketball
  • Trick Hoops Challenge
    Try to make hard basketball shots as you play against the computer trying to make harder shots.
    • Basketball
  • Basketball Challenge
    Play this basketball challenge and be the first one to score the highest points.
    • Basketball
  • Flash Basketball
    In Flash Basketball you have 3 different game modes to test how many shots you can make in a row, how many shots you can make in 20 shot attempts, and how many shots you can make in 30 seconds.
    • Misc Action
    • Basketball