Strategy & RPG Games for Girls

  • River War
    Based on the traditional Chinese board game Dou Shou Qi, River War is the simplest and truest form of two forces pitted against each other. Turn by turn you must move your units across the river to destroy the enemy's...
    • Strategy & RPG
  • Agyta
    A RPG adventure like the older console RPGs. Fight brutal monsters, explore a new world and solve puzzles.
    • Strategy & RPG
  • Battleship Torpedo Attack
    Check out this cool battleship variation. Although it's still important to hide your ships and confuse your enemy, you can change the tide of the battle with some well timed torpedos!
    • Strategy & RPG
    • Board
  • Insanix
    Keep on the move while you weave and dodge and pickup boosters along the way.
    • Strategy & RPG
  • Flash Empires 2: Christmas Crusades
    Defend Santa's workshop from the evil Christmas critters in this new defender game.
    • Strategy & RPG
  • Word Maze
    Find the letters in the correct order and avoid killer critters!
    • Word
    • Strategy & RPG
  • DotVille
    Try to build DotVille and make your citizens happy.
    • Strategy & RPG
  • Escaping Paris 2
    Help Paris get out of jail, yet again. Can you avoid becoming lost in jail forever? That's not hot at all!
    • Strategy & RPG
    • Celebrity
  • Fred's Adventure
    Fred has lost one thing that is most important for him - his bike. You job is to help him get it back.
    • Strategy & RPG
  • Cookie Tycoon
    Your objective is obvious, make the tastiest desserts on the planet and sell them to anybody and everybody! Hire and fire people, upgrade your store, train staff, make a profit... or a loss.
    • Strategy & RPG
  • Battle
    Play this turn based RPG fighting game, a great time waster.
    • Strategy & RPG
  • Alien Craft
    Evil Aliens attacked our planet and you should stop them. You are the only hope for all Earth citizens. Your brave soldiers and powerful tanks waiting for your commands to smash those evildoers.
    • Strategy & RPG