Zits Games

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  • Britney's Breakout
    OMG - Britney is having a massive breakout (again) but this time you can help.
    • Misc Action
  • Jaba The Zit
    Pop as many acne as possible.
    • Misc Action
  • Romantic Dinner Makeover
    You always want to look your best, so why not get a makeover? Makeover your flawless face with a variety of products designed to get your skin shining. Pop those nasty zits, pluck those pesky loose hairs, and polish...
    • Fantasy
    • Teen
    • Fashion
    • Princess
    • Make Up
  • Spa Salon
    Bella has been asked to be the maid-of-honor in her best friend's wedding. The wedding is tomorrow, but Bella had some big red blemishes spring up over night. She's very concerned that they won't go away in time...
    • Hair
    • Make Up