Van Games

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  • KebabVan
    Run a busy kebab van on a typical friday evening.
    • Strategy & RPG
  • Backseat Emo Drummer
    Although Sharon is in an emo band, when she's practicing in the backseat on the way to their next gig, she plays pretty much anything she wants. She might be in the backseat laying down a hip-hop beat on baggage...
    • Fashion
    • Teen
    • Travel
  • Crazy Taxi
    This cute cabby is one of New York City's finest! She doesn't just know her way around the city, but she's got quite the sense for fashion as well. Help her put together an outfit including hat, jacket, shoes,...
    • Teen
  • Van
    Philpot and Dave need to get to the music festival in Glastonbury. On the way you must stop fast cars and hippies from passing you taking all the tickets.
    • Driving
  • A Little Van Gogh
    Get creative with this budding artist to be! Pick out a colorful outfit, cute hat, paint supplies and even fun pictures for him to create!
    • Kids
    • Fantasy
  • Van Jellies
    You have to keep the ballance by dropping Jellies on the table.
    • Misc Action
  • Icecream Van Maker
    The best way to sell more Ice Cream is to have the most amazing flashy looking van to sell it from! Create the coolest ice cream van around!
    • Outdoor Decoration
    • Fantasy
  • Thump!
    Try to beat lap records with your racing van.
    • Driving
  • Madpet Carsurfing
    Take on a day in the life of a cute puppy as you surf on the roof of the van and get as far as you can! Dodge birds and collect bones!
    • Platform
  • Vehicles
    Rev up and Roll out! Smash and crash the skulking black van crew loitering in the fair streets of your city. Use team work to push these guys outta town and off the screen!
    • Driving
  • Heels 'n' Wheels
    Drive your camper van down the dirt track collecting team members for your Race for Life team and collecting sponsorship. Avoid the obstacles that slow you down and you will go far and get a massive amount of points.
    • Driving
  • Flower Delivery
    These flowers need to be delivered immediately! Load the flowers into the back of the van and take to the backroads to avoid traffic and rush to the store before the sun comes up! Make sure you've got the right...
    • Driving
  • Peace and Love
    Every band needs a following, and every family needs something they can all enjoy. These flower children don't need to be in the kitchen to enjoy Thanksgiving this year. This year this hippy dippy family is...
    • Fashion
    • Teen
    • Travel