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  • White Queen's White Wedding
    The White Queen has always lived in the northern wastes, and so she's been wearing white dresses and white fur gowns all her life! So now that her wedding is right around the corner, she is going to really enjoy the...
    • Teen
  • Metal Farm
    You are a gnome. Dig in the dirt. Harvest metal crops. Learn new spells. Gain 1000 mana to win.
    • Misc Puzzles
  • Pick My Eggs
    Match the egg symbols with your particular item for each level. You have three lives to match the three symbols as often as you can before the time lets up. Don't get cocky though! The second level is much harder!
    • Teen
  • You Pick Picnic
    There's no limit to the kind of food you can bring to this fun picnic! Make a romantic night with your spouse, or pack a fun lunch for the kids to relax and recharge at the park. Sandwiches and crackers might be a...
    • Food Decoration
    • Cake
    • Baking
  • Apple Picking
    Join this stylish miss for an autumn tradition in full bloom. Pick out tops, bottoms, sun dresses and fun new hair! Then hit the garden for some chic fall apple picking.
    • Fashion
    • Teen
    • Fantasy
  • Pick A Number
    Pick a number and it will guess it.
    • Misc Action
  • Flower Picking with My Baby
    This pretty new mother loves her new baby girl, and she's going to spoil her for as long as she can! For now, this young baby girl, is going to have her room covered in aromatic flowers that will help her grow up as...
    • Teen
  • Pick & Dig 3
    Only the smartest miners will turn a profit in this unforgiving landscape. Run and jump through the tunnels, build ladders and bridges to connect you to the gold, or tunnel deeper into the earth to find the treasures...
    • Platform
  • Doli Apple Picking
    Join Sisi and Toto in the orchards to pick the ripe apples and toss the bad ones aside. You don't want to make an apple pie with worms in rotten apples! So give them to Sisi and let him use them to grow more trees.
    • Misc Puzzles
  • Pick Up Sticks 2
    Click on the correctly colored sticks to pick up all of them as fast as you can its harder than you think!
    • Misc Puzzles
  • Lea Dress Up
    Look through her wardrobe pick out the best outfits!
    • Teen
  • Photo With Stars
    Pick a star and dress them up for a photoshoot!
    • Teen
    • Celebrity
  • Angel Cakes
    Kill all in your path and pick up cakes!
    • Cake
    • Shooting
  • Be a Fashion Designer
    You've seen all of the fashion contests! Now do you think you have what it takes to become a fashion designer? Pick all of the designs that you want and then pick up all of the colors!
    • Teen
  • Stick Figure Suicide
    This stick has to die, and you get to pick how! There are plenty of options for you to pick, and don't worry, he always will!
    • Misc Action
  • Lander
    Guide your lander to pick up the stranded spaceman.
    • Driving
    • Arcade and Classics
    • Misc Action
  • Annabelles Christmas
    Pick out a special outfit and have a amazing Christmas!
    • Teen
  • Trendy V-Day
    Pick one of these lovely dolls to dress up for Valentines!
    • Teen
  • Fall Colors Dress Up
    It's time for Autumn to go back to school--help her pick out new clothes!
    • Teen
  • Last Dance Dressup
    Stand out and be remembered for this dolls last high school dance!
    • Teen
    • Fantasy