Maze Games

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  • Shape Switcher
    Help our shape shifting friend discover his hidden powers of color and shape changing to unlock doors and escape the maze in this Flash puzzle game! Play all 13 interesting levels.
    • Misc Puzzles
  • Ratmaze 2
    Collect all cheese as fast as possible.
    • Mouse
  • Dangerous Maze 2
    This game is much more harder than first version . Use your mouse to control the blue dot. Don't hit anywhere. Blue dot mustn't leave the dark circle so don't move your mouse fast. There are 5 levels to finish and...
    • Mouse
  • BamBoom
    Move from start to finish in as few steps as possible.
    • Misc Puzzles
  • Green Ball
    Original maze game with 50 levels, 16 unlockable ball skins and high scores.
    • Mouse
  • Word Maze
    Find the letters in the correct order and avoid killer critters!
    • Strategy & RPG
    • Word
  • Spin the Black Circle
    Original puzzle game. Lead the ball to the portal. Just spin the maze and gravity will do the rest.
    • Misc Puzzles
  • Mouse Adventures
    Challenging mouse maze.
    • Mouse
  • Wiggi Woods
    Guide Frank through the woods.
    • Mouse
  • SOD2
    Good maze game.
    • Mouse
  • Bug
    Your aim is to push the bug eggs that are spread all over the maze into the nests.
    • Misc Puzzles
  • Grayscale
    Get the cogs to face the right direction. Move glowing light thingie to the exit.
    • Teen
  • Rescue a Chicken
    Some of your feathered friends have found themselves in quite the predicament! Click on the bails of hay to help guide them out of harms way and into the waiting basket.
    • Chain Reaction
    • Strategy & RPG
  • Cover Orange PP
    Hide your Oranges and Apples! There's a dark storm brewing black cloves and death, its up to you to figure out how to protect helpless oranges and apples.
    • Strategy & RPG
  • Playing With Fire 2
    Plant bombs with timing and skill to blast walls and bad guys without getting yourself blown to pieces!
    • Misc Action
  • Puppy Maze
    Help the puppy find his way home by guiding him through the maze.
    • Misc Puzzles
    • Jigsaw
  • Line Game Orange
    Guide your line of orange through fiendish caverns, carefully avoiding obstacles as you go.
    • Drawing
    • Mouse
  • The Adventures of Blocky
    Navigate Black through the maze while dodging the red at all costs.
    • Misc Action
  • Click Maze 2
    A maze game with a cool PAR style scoring system. Try to complete all 10 levels in as fewer clicks as possible.
    • Mouse
  • Wiggi Fire Mission
    Using your mouse guide Fireman Fredwig through burning mazes to rescue trapped Wiggis.
    • Mouse