Connect Games

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  • Atome
    Connect atoms to form molecules.
    • Misc Puzzles
  • Pootris
    It's toilet time and you're about to explode. Unfortunately having a dump is no longer as convenient as it once was. Your objective is to get the pipes from the toilet to connect to the sewer or you could experience...
    • Misc Puzzles
  • Plupon
    Connect three numbers to remove them.
    • Misc Action
  • Bubble
    A quirky little arcade puzzler in which bubbles float from the bottom to the top of the screen and you have to connect them to make bigger ones.
    • Misc Action
  • Scribble
    Connect the numbered dots in order, as fast as you can.
    • Drawing
  • Connect 4
    This is a modern interpretation of the classic rainy day game that many of us remember playing at school. The game still upholds it's old principles, but just in a new mediatic way.
    • Matching
  • Connect 2
    Connect pairs of matching tiles by creating a path between them and clear all the tiles before the time runs out.
    • Matching
  • Paradise Island Jigsaw Puzzle
    You have only 20 minutes to solve this puzzle! Listen for the locking sound to realize your on the right track!
    • Jigsaw
  • Paths
    Mouse avoider brought to the next level.
    • Drawing
  • WordRomp
    Connect letter blocks within the game board to form words. Don't forget to shuffle the board!
    • Word
    • Misc Puzzles
    • Searching
  • Fruit Memory
    Can you remember where you put the fruit for the seasonal dinner? Help this cute fall friend find where she stored the fruit for the puddings and pies in time for the big meal!
    • Matching
  • Rainbow Web Online
    Match up three glistening elements of the same color to clear the web and continue on your quest to collect the magic runes. Travel through the world map and collect all of the elemental letters.
    • Matching
  • Hexiom Connect
    Based on the original Hexiom, now you must rearrange the tiles to light up all the color coded connections. Features 40 levels of increasing difficulty, plus a highly configurable random level generator and an...
    • Matching
  • Colour Connect
    The objective is to clear all the discs by clicking on them one at a time, the next disc you click has to have at least one colour matching a colour of the previous disc. There are 20 levels and 2 modes (normal and...
    • Misc Puzzles
  • 3D Logic 2
    Use the mouse to connect all the cells of the same color.
    • Misc Puzzles
  • Gravitude
    Connect four spheres with the same color to win.
    • Matching
  • Scribble 2
    Draw using your mouse, and race to connect the dots one by one in order.
    • Drawing
  • Multi Sum
    Draw a line to connect numbers that add up to match the Magic Number. Connect to the bonus orbs to earn extra time and get a score multiplier.
    • Strategy & RPG
  • Kiss Call
    This lover wants to phone his girl. Fix the connection before time runs out.
    • Kissing
  • Kitty Match
    Connect kitties of the same color to score mega points!
    • Matching