360 Games

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  • The Ultimate Gamer Quiz: Xbox 360
    Think you know everything when it comes down to the X-box 360? Put your knowledge where your mouth is and take this simple quiz. It shouldn't be too hard.
    • Quiz
  • 360 Supreme Catcher
    Catch the same colored balls, a great time waster.
    • Misc Puzzles
  • 360 Defence
    Defend your ship as you fight off the marauding warships and the flying asteroids as you fly through the dark nebula of space.
    • Misc Action
  • Tunnel 360
    In this simple game you have to avoid hitting the sides of the tunnel - but be warned - the tunnel spins and twists through 360 degrees!
    • Mouse
  • Monster Trucks 360
    A long favorite of hardcore monster truck fans, this engaging race against a ghost truck drops you into a variety of race tracks. You're driving a monster truck for a reason so plunge into the obstacles, clear them...
    • Arcade and Classics
    • Platform
    • Driving
    • Misc Action
  • 360 Space Ball
    Somehow a ball ended up in space and your job is to help it get to the black hole. To get it there you need to adjust the angles of paddles that it will bounce off of. Don't hit the annoying brick walls that will get...
    • Misc Puzzles
  • Radioactive Snakes from Mars
    An innovative take on classic Snake with 360 degree movement and customizable snakes.
    • Misc Action
  • Just Me & My Mirror
    Being beautiful comes natural to this decadent doll, but it still isn't easy. Get an all over 360 degree makeover with the help of your best pal in the whole world: a full length vanity.
    • Princess
    • Teen
  • Planet Protector
    Protect your planet from 360 degrees of incoming danger! Don't let your planet be shrunken into oblivion by the incoming asteroids. Use the red power ups to help you
    • Shooting
  • Nothing but Net
    This basketball star has been practicing her jump shot every day after school for several hours a day. Getting out on the court, lacing up her sneakers, and throwing up 360 lay-ups is the only thing this talented...
    • Teen
  • Grab Some Air
    Cool off, girls! It's sweltering outside, but just seeing this wicked cool sports star pull off some nasty tricks on her snowboard will send chills down your spine! She's all bundled up in bright leggings and a pink...
    • Winter
    • Teen
    • Olympics
    • Skate Boarding
    • Fashion
  • Snowboard Stunts
    Perform crazy stunts on your snowboard to collect points and accolades. Pump air into your stride by timing your jumps carefully while negotiating 3 killer kickers. Slip back for a tail grab, dive for a nose grab,...
    • Misc Action